Where Webmasters Make the Most Mistakes

Where Webmasters Make the Most Mistakes

Where Webmasters Make the Most Mistakes

Webmasters do make mistakes in certain areas which in return affect their respective websites’ performance, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. Some of these are very basic stuffs which can be amended very easily. But at the same time some of these mistakes do end up affecting the sites in a really bad manner which take quite a while to recover back from.

Internal Linking

Make sure that your website is linked properly and that pages are working properly. A website without a proper flow within its available internal pages becomes a hindrance for search engine spiders to crawl the site effectively. This makes indexing your site very hard and thus puts you out of getting properly ranked. Unfortunately some of these pages do have valuable information that could be useful to the target audience.


It is always essential to get the right keywords and sentences on the tags, headers, meta description, images and on the body text etc. When doing so, it is a must to do a research on what your target audience are typing on the search engines to look for sites containing relevant information like yours. Example if they are searching for “How high is mount Everest,” it is necessary to include that term on the relevant areas than merely mentioning “mount Everest” or “mount Everest elevation.”

Include vital info surrounding and related to the search terms. Also it is much better to put the content on the body of a site in plain text than in image or PDF format since text format is better crawled by search engines than images.

Link Building

Now this area is being strictly monitored by Google. Some webmasters do spend quality time on link building than on content. This later on becomes a spammy technique used to cheat search engines which in return makes them to take necessary action on your site. Websites are indexed and ranked by search engines according to the relevancy and the effectiveness of content. People search the internet for information. Link building for a website without concentrating on creating rich content is useless at the end of the day from a search engine’s point of view as well as a surfer’s.

What do you gain by visiting a site where the content is limited or outdated and without proper information the target audience desire? First make something compelling related to your target audience and then involve in online marketing such as PPC campaigns, social media sharing, blogging and other off-site activities like a paper news release etc, which could drive targeted traffic towards your site and in return creates a flow among your audience both in the online and offline worlds.

Usage of Webmaster Resources

There is nothing secret about search engine optimization and a client can find all the relevant details about how to optimize a website for search engines could do so from the search engines’ guidelines such as google blog, google webmaster etc as well as from the popular online websites focusing on the latest trends in the search engine optimization. There are no special methods other than the set of ethical/legal guidelines provided by the search engines. Beware of seo service providers that claim to have secret methods which could actually be some black-hat methods in clear violation of these search engines’ rules. A proper seo company will list and explain all the methods and process to clients followed by reports of the efforts and results.

Offering Free Or Low Cost SEO Service

Why do you guess search engines like Google and Bing have provided tools and videos etc to assist you regarding your website monitoring and maintenance? Most of them are free too. Search engines like Google are offering these free resources to educate the webmasters and related parties interested in the performance of their websites on vital facets that could affect their sites both positively and negatively. So without searching around for clues and guesses, make use of the guidelines and info shared on these resources to fine tune and maintain your website in an effective manner.

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