DO’s and DON’Ts of Ecommerce Websites

DO's and DON'Ts of Ecommerce Websites


As shown in recent researches & studies, people do expect certain vital facets on ecommerce websites that facilitates their main purpose of visiting such sites. Not adhering to those facets could be a drawback to your ecommerce website.

Websites like Amazon & eBay are good examples of ecommerce websites. The main purpose is to facilitate surfers through the entire process from sales to support without any hassle. In other words such websites should be designed in an interactive & user-friendly manner.

Rich Content

Wide range of goods & services coupled with detailed categories/descriptions & reviews coupled with suggestions are few of the various facets that separate apart good ecommerce websites from regular or bad ones. Surfers like to browse with ease and will like sites that provide them with specific categories, specifications & user reviews etc, since these factors make surfing easier.

Safety & Security

Today the safety of personal details/identity of a surfer is at a higher level than never before. With social media accounts & credit card details being hacked, people are very cautious when surfing online. So in order to win the trust of people, ecommerce websites should ensure that all proper initiatives are undertaken to safeguard the privacy of the surfers.


Websites like Amazon & eBay are thriving today because of the reputation they have built around them. From well designed websites, safety facets to marketing & support, these companies have built a strong credibility that has won them many visitors on a daily basis. The trick is to get your onsite basics correct, then ensure your support is near perfect and move onto all sorts of marketing initiatives as much as possible through seo, online ads & other media channels.

DON’Ts Hidden Info

Don’t hide any details from surfers such as additional costs involved like shipping and other related conditions from surfers. People don’t like to be surprised with news that can negatively affect their experience especially when they were not aware of them in the first instance.

Bogus Promise

Never ever boost your sales communication beyond what you are capable of providing. Don’t try to be vague on your promise and disappoint people. This will lead your business to lose vital prospects and gain bad reputation which could harm your business in return.

Technical Lethargy

One more vital facet to note is that to ensure there are no dead-links, breakdowns or other drawbacks such as longer loading time & vulnerability to cyber attacks etc which can lead websites to be down and surfers to be worried. Always continuously check and ensure that the latest technological updates are carried out on the site to ensure stability.

So when you are designing your ecommerce website or have outsourced to an outside web development company, ensure that the above mentioned do’s & don’ts are properly followed.

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