Beware Of These SEO Scams

Beware of These Seo Scams

Guaranteeing First Page Ranking On Search Engines

No seo agency can provide an official guarantee for first page ranking in search engines like Google and that too forever as it depends on lot of factors such constant as traffic, on-site optimization, link building and the continuous changes done to algorithms and recommendations by search engines which is beyond an agency’s full control. The maximum an agency can do is to keep on optimizing the website with all possible white-hat methods to increase the rank and visibility.

Submitting Websites To Hundreds Of Search Engines

Globally only a handful of search engines are popularly used such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu. Not that many people use search engines that majority of us do not know. Even the personal computers and operating systems we buy or download comes with browsers offering leading search engines as default. Majority of us don’t bother to search websites on unheard or less popular search engines. So submitting to such search engines is pointless end of the day. The client should be only concerned whether the website is indexed on the most famous ones.

Having Special Connection Inside Or With Search Engines (Example: Google)

No big search engines are going to compromise their ethics and business by trying to signup with few seo service companies to offer special service of ranking their clients’ websites higher than the competitors. They don’t promise or ever do anything of that nature. Not even an employee working inside these leading search engines will try to do anything illegal that is in violation of the company guidelines and put his/her career at risk. So stay away from companies who promise such special connections.

Claiming To Be Search Engine Algorithm Experts

The algorithms of the leading search engines are different, dynamic and complex; evolving constantly to be fully understood. Especially since now with AI (Artificial Intelligence) playing a major role such as in the case of Google’s RankBrain, the chances of figuring the entire elements of the algorithm is out of question.

Secret SEO Methods

There is nothing secret about search engine optimization and a client can find all the relevant details about how to optimize a website for search engines could do so from the search engines’ guidelines such as google blog, google webmaster etc as well as from the popular online websites focusing on the latest trends in the search engine optimization. There are no special methods other than the set of ethical/legal guidelines provided by the search engines. Beware of seo service providers that claim to have secret methods which could actually be some black-hat methods in clear violation of these search engines’ rules. A proper seo company will list and explain all the methods and process to clients followed by reports of the efforts and results.

Offering Free Or Low Cost SEO Service

SEO is a sophisticated and time consuming affair that has to be handled by experienced professionals constantly coordinating with clients on several related matters which requires a lot of effort. Plus there are tools and modules to be purchased when doing the optimization. So no proper seo agency or specialist could provide such a service freely or at low cost. The only possible reasons for this could be if someone wants to get access to your vital details and other key information or if someone wants to build their seo portfolio desperately.

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