Sri Lanka WordPress Website Developers in Colombo

As one of the early WordPress website development company in Sri Lanka, we have created advanced online shopping, car sale, educational, property management, tourism and informative websites utilizing this CMS publishing platform. Websites developed via this blog tool contains functions such as ad management, product listing, job manager and search filter options to name a few.

Wordpress is recognized as free and open-source blogging tool plus a (CMS) content management system. This is the leading CMS globally. A template system and a plugin architecture comprise its features. This software allows users to install and switch between themes that make the look and features of wordpress websites. Users are also enabled to develop their own themes if they possess the required technical skills. There are numerous free and commercial themes available in the internet to download for this software.

The wordpress plugins empower users to add for functionalities to their websites. There are several thousands of commercial and free plugins available to download. These plugins, which range from seo to newsletters, let users to tailor their websites. Most of these plugins enjoy continued support service and updates provided by those who created them. Wordpress also supports multi-user and multi-blogging feature. Pingback and trackback standards too are supported by wordpress. Users and developers can find lots of related and helpful information on their dedicated website.