Sri Lanka West1 International Website Design and Development



West1 international previously had a minimalistic non-mobile friendly website with few details. The website was not attracting enough audience due to its poor search engine optimization as well as the design and content factors. The website was a key medium used by this educational institution to promote their services to the students and parents. After finding-out that they needed to revamp their website to be viewable in mobile devices as well as should be attractive and carrying the right message, the wanted to handover the project to us.

We redid the entire website with responsive design and latest web technologies to be performance oriented and secure. We identified that the site needed to have good content to lure the interest of the target audience and search engines too. So we decided to include case studies of past students and highlight the partnership they have with various universities as well as the recognitions etc. Now the client enjoys a fabulous website that can be promoted at exhibitions and other advertisements for a better conversion rate. They were happy with our performance and wanted to host with us so that everything related to the function of their site is handled by us.