Guaranteeing First Page Ranking On Search Engines Guaranteeing First Page Ranking On Search Engines
No seo agency can provide an official guarantee for first page ranking in search engines like Google and that too forever as it depends on lot of factors such constant as traffic, on-site optimization, link building and the continuous changes done to algorithms and recommendations by search engines which is beyond an agency's full control. The maximum an agency can do is to keep on optimizing the website with all possible white-hat methods to increase the rank and visibility.
Submitting Websites To Hundreds Of Search Engines
Globally only a handful of search engines are popularly used such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu. Not that many people use search engines that majority of us do not know. Even the personal computers and operating systems we buy or download comes with browsers offering leading search engines as default. Majority of us don't bother to search websites on unheard or less popular search engines. So submitting to such search engines is pointless end of the day. The client should be only concerned whether the website is indexed on the most famous ones.
Having Special Connection Inside Or With Search Engines (Example: Google)
No big search engines are going to compromise their ethics and business by trying to signup with few seo service companies to offer special service of ranking their clients' websites higher than the competitors. They don't promise or ever do anything of that nature. Not even an employee working inside these leading search engines will try to do anything illegal that is in violation of the company guidelines and put his/her career at risk. So stay away from companies who promise such special connections.
How to Protect Your Websites from Cyber AttacksTaking a website live means getting exposed to hackers. Hackers really target websites that are worthwhile to steal data such as credit card information etc or just to make themselves or a particular message highlighted. So if your website is an ecommerce or a really prominent one in terms of recognition and traffic, then the chances of getting attacked is high. It is one of the highest priority of any website owner to have their sites and reputation secured. You have a legal obligation to safeguard your site against possible attacks as well as your users/audience.
Restrict Access Control
The main thing that needs to be safeguarded first is the access to the website's backend. Modify the Url used to access the admin of your site. Make it a harder one to figure instead of the usual ones such as for example. Block the admin path via robots_txt from getting listed on search engines. Then ensure the Username & Password is a tough one to guess. Follow that with limitation on the number of login attempts with a specific time period.
Update Module Versions
Many module / plugin developers continue to enhance the performance and security aspects of their modules and release updates. It is highly recommended to install these updates immediately when they are available. If these updates were related to mitigating certain identified security vulnerability, then you are protected once the particular module/plugin is updated against that threat. Remember hackers are on the constant lookout for sites with any vulnerability to take advantage.

Have you considered about the navigation of your website. From the menu to the internal links, how does your website function. Is it user-friendly from a surfer's perspective? From the moment people land on your website, how are they suppose to browse through your website? The navigation function of a website is as vital as the entire design factor of a good website. Even small things like the way the icons and banners play a role in the website can make a difference.

Think of Your Website Surfers

Who are your target users? What attributes do they have? Why do they visit your site? What do they expect out of your website? View the website through their eyes to properly arrange the structure & style of your website for easy navigation. A useful web design will have a good navigation to aid users to accomplish the reason they visit you site.

Keeping It Simple

Don't over-crowd web pages with a great deal of items/categories. A good web design will incorporate sub categories under major categories. In this method the items/categories are simplified for easy navigation which will affect the user-experience in a positive manner.

Nowadays people use their smart-phones & tablets more than their desktops and laptops to interact with friends & surf the web. The size & functionalities of these mobile devices have enabled this lifestyle facet. With Android, Windows & IOS, development of applications & websites have gone to a newer level. Developing websites for mobile devices are different from that of desktops/laptops. There are numerous reasons for it. Let's see some the vital facets do be noted when doing mobile web development.

Create Dedicated Website

It is best to create a version of your main website optimized to mobile devices. The website created for smart-phones & tablets will display facets in a manner that will be easier for the mobile device users to navigate. Functionalities may vary from your main website which caters to desktops & laptops, but the purpose of the overall website will not be lost.

Don't Overload With Images

Think of the RAM capacity, internet speed plus data usage factors from user's perspective when accessing your website through a mobile device. Lot of images tend to slow down the loading factor and navigational speed of your website, causing the surfer to lose interest in your website.

As shown in recent researches & studies, people do expect certain vital facets on ecommerce websites that facilitates their main purpose of visiting such sites. Not adhering to those facets could be a drawback to your ecommerce website.

Websites like Amazon & eBay are good examples of ecommerce websites. The main purpose is to facilitate surfers through the entire process from sales to support without any hassle. In other words such websites should be designed in an interactive & user-friendly manner.

Rich Content

Wide range of goods & services coupled with detailed categories/descriptions & reviews coupled with suggestions are few of the various facets that separate apart good ecommerce websites from regular or bad ones. Surfers like to browse with ease and will like sites that provide them with specific categories, specifications & user reviews etc, since these factors make surfing easier.

Webmasters do make mistakes in certain areas which in return affect their respective websites' performance, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. Some of these are very basic stuffs which can be amended very easily. But at the same time some of these mistakes do end up affecting the sites in a really bad manner which take quite a while to recover back from.

Internal Linking

Make sure that your website is linked properly and that pages are working properly. A website without a proper flow within its available internal pages becomes a hindrance for search engine spiders to crawl the site effectively. This makes indexing your site very hard and thus puts you out of getting properly ranked. Unfortunately some of these pages do have valuable information that could be useful to the target audience.


It is always essential to get the right keywords and sentences on the tags, headers, meta description, images and on the body text etc. When doing so, it is a must to do a research on what your target audience are typing on the search engines to look for sites containing relevant information like yours. Example if they are searching for "How high is mount Everest," it is necessary to include that term on the relevant areas than merely mentioning "mount Everest" or "mount Everest elevation."

Include vital info surrounding and related to the search terms. Also it is much better to put the content on the body of a site in plain text than in image or PDF format since text format is better crawled by search engines than images.

There are many types of websites done for all sorts of purposes by many companies. Some are static informational websites and others are feature rich dynamic sites done for advertising, gaming, blogging & ecommerce purposes. Now when analyzed, you will find that not all of these websites really cater to their target surfers in an effective & efficient manner. Some sites attract millions of visitors on a daily basis such as eBay & you Tube, while there are others which has a huge bounce back ratio. The reasons could be pointed out in their current web design facets.

Mistake 01: Urgency Over Understanding

Do you know that there are several types of people with different characteristics and that businesses/brands target these different segments in various manners. A guy who wants to buy a BMW is different from a person looking for Nissan. Let s go deeper and take as an example that both of them want to purchase sports cars from their relevant brands. Now one is rich and the other average, but their characteristics when it comes to choosing sports car could be linked.

Another example could be a person who prefers blackberry Vs another one wanting an Android or Windows Phone. How about a third extreme example where the brand is same but catering to two separate markets such as McDonalds in USA & China? You see the dilemma? That s the same situation faced in designing websites. You will have to cater to your markets with similar attributes or vastly different ones in various markets effectively to thrive.

Understanding lifestyles, emotions, characteristics and numerous other facets will ultimately lead businesses/organizations to better comprehend their target segments/markets. Once perfectly understood, implementing them properly as per the found factors in the research will guarantee an effective viewership /surfing experience.

Why do surfers browse the web for? The simple answer is to get valuable info regarding their requirements. Major search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo are trying to promote websites with valuable relevant & rich content on their search ranking. People like useful content to get much needed info they are looking for. The more info about a subject the better. Having rich information on your website will draw people towards your website and possibly enable greater interaction through blogging/commenting/sharing etc. So spend some time & effort in creating great content on relevant subjects for your website.

Get Links

Links directing from various other websites towards your means a great deal for search engines. Actually the greater the links pointing towards your site, the greater the chance of you being well ranked in major search engines. Try to build ethical links from other websites with high page ranks. These can be from your clients, forums, blogs, other websites, social media channels etc. Ensure these websites are trustable and have a good reputation among them.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Try avoiding plagiarism. The more you copy content from some other website, you will be not only violating the copyright issue, but also make the search engines to demote you in their ranking. Who wants to view the same info in various different websites? The more your content is unique than your competition, the better for greater search engine ranking and value.