Sri Lanka Magento Website Developers in Colombo

As one of the first Magento website development company in Sri Lanka, we have made state-of-the-art ecommerce websites for the jewelry and tea industries making use of this ecommerce web software. Websites developed through this CMS system includes facilities such as shopping cart, online payment, profile management and product catalog to name some.

When it comes to open-source content management systems for e-commerce websites, Magneto is a top contender and has captured thirty percent of the market share for e-commerce website development. Magento utilizes PHP programming language, elements of Zend Frameworks and MySQL relational database management system. It employs the conventions of model-view-controller and object-oriented programming. Magento Community Edition allows users to modify the core system. Developers are able to implement core files and extend their features by adding new plugin modules.

The Magento Enterprise Edition possesses the same core files as the community edition. This edition is not free and is recommended for huge businesses that need technical support with configuration, installation, troubleshooting, installation and usage etc. Magento Go is a cloud-based eCommerce system, which is offered inclusive of web hosting by Magento Inc. Even though this solution has several in-built modules and facilitates the add-on of extensions, this platform is deemed to be the least customizable one.