Sri Lanka Joomla Website Developers in Colombo

As a pioneer Joomla website development company in Sri Lanka, we have built sophisticated property management, car auction, travel, educational and informative websites using this advanced content management system. Our client websites developed using Joomla comprises complex features such as reservation systems, package management systems, advertisement management and filtering options etc...

Joomla is one of the free open-source software content management systems available in the world. PHP is the language used to write this software. It also uses object-oriented programming as well as software design patterns and stores data in a PostgreSQL, MS SQL or MySQL database. Features such as RSS feeds, polls, page caching, blogs, printable version of pages, support for language internationalization and search function are part of the system. Thousands of commercial and free extensions are available for Joomla. It is notably the 2nd most used CMS worldwide.

There are 5 types of extensions categorized in Joomla that handle specific functions. They are modules, languages, plugins, components and templates. Components are the biggest and most sophisticated extensions. The advanced ones are the plugins. These are supposed to execute the events that they were registered for. Templates take care of the look and feel of the website. Modules are connected to Joomla components to display new images or content. Finally languages can also be utilized as an extension or as core part.