Sri Lanka Drupal Website Developers in Colombo

Drupal is a free and user-friendly open source content management system programmed in PHP, that powers millions of applications and websites globally from year 2001 onwards. It is distributed according to the terms and conditions of General Public License. A huge international community comprised of passionate developers are constantly striving to enhance the features, performance and reliability of Drupal. 

The standard version of Drupal, also known as Drupal Core, includes basic features such as page layout customization, RSS feeds, system administration, menu management, taxonomy and user account registration etc to name a few. There are several addons developed by the community to further enhance the Drupal platform with new features and customizations. Drupal can be run on any web servers supporting PHP language coupled with a database to store the setting and content.

Windows developers are finally able to get involved in this community due to the new database abstraction layer as well as the capability to run on the Windows web server IIS made possible from Drupal 7 onwards. As one of the few Drupal development companies in Sri Lanka, we focus on providing clients the best solutions and service with the assistance of our veteran Drupal developers in Colombo.