ERP System Developers in Sri Lanka | Enterprise Resource Planning Software Company

The main difference between our ERP system and other Enterprise Resource Planning software in Sri Lanka is that we provide a solution that is 100% customized to each and every businesses and their relevant departments, whilst being cost-effective and providing full support.

Our ERP specialists comprise business analysts, system developers, technical support and more importantly a management with a heart and soul. We understand that businesses need ERP solutions to manage their operations both effectively and efficiently. The problem is that not all businesses can integrate a ready-made system to their operations as activities of departments and the processes vary a lot. Also not every business can afford solutions that cost an arm and a leg due to their priorities when it comes to managing their finance and investment facets.

So identifying this dilemma faced by many companies both local and foreign, we have created a system that has all the essential operations from Sales, CRM, Inventory, Finance and HR etc that an organization needs to manage their operations, plus this solution is fully tailored according to the diverse business functionalities from the way the process is configured to the manner in which reports are displayed and admins are controlled. 

Why worry about inflexible and costly ERP systems when you can now have a solution that can cater to your exact requirements. 

Sales and Customers


This module helps you to keep track of your sales activities and to manage clients. You can have a clear view of the leads, follow-ups and customer profile details at your fingertips.


Finance, Banking and Accounting


Via this module you are able to get a better view of your finance, thus enabling you to control costs, administer cash flow and assets as well as look into compliance facets.


Purchasing and Suppliers

Take charge of your supply chain to augment the process. Enhance the production and shipment rosters, assist in reducing costs and improve overall efficiency. 


Manufacturing and Production Planning

Improve your production proficiencies with this module to compete with the industry rivalry by meeting customer demand swiftly whilst minimizing operational costs.


Inventory and Warehouse

This module assists you to supervise the stores and warehouses Island-wide with much ease. 


Human Resources and Payroll

Thru this module you will be empowered to look into key performance indicators of your staff, monitor attendance, plus have your payroll functioning smoothly


Dashboards and Reports

This module offers a clear view of each and every operation in a simplistic manner to understand and make the crucial decisions certainly. This module will ensure you take the best course of action for the future depending on the data available presently on hand.