Inflight Catering Management System | Airline Logistics Software

Our web-based Inflight Catering System has been developed to enhance the efficiency of airlines' logistics and to augment customer satisfaction. Today's travel industry and the travelers have become more demanding, challenging and competitive with more players competing in the market and taking advantage of the advancement in technology.

The common dilemma between any airline is the incompetence found in their process, systems and management. That is why airlines are constantly striving to become smarter in the manner they control their operations whilst being customer focused. 

Our Inflight Catering Software empowers Inflight Caterers to take charge of menu planning and inventory control, so that multiple airlines can order food and beverage via online and get it delivered on-time without any hassle.

The comprehensive solution offers online ordering, meal planning, inventory control, catering cost analysis and MIS reports modules etc. By managing customer preference vs. space constraints, quantity vs, quality as well as information sharing facets in the most effective and efficient manner; our solution ensures that airlines and caterers collaborate to deliver a rich experience to passengers whilst keeping the costs minimal.